Blockchain & Web3 at your fingertips

A decentralized multi-chain gateway for identity and asset management.


A portal to Web3

ONTO puts Web3 in the palm of your hand

Financial Audit

Digital assets (Token + NFT) are completely in your hands

Decentralized Identity

One-click login to hundreds of dApps using your decentralized identity

Data Security

Complete data sovereignty ensuring privacy and data security

On-chain reputation

Build a decentralized reputation on the blockchain

Cross-chain transactions

Cross-chain asset exchange, connecting multi-chain applications

Support for both mobile and web services

Seamless integration between mobile and web

Manage All Your Assets With A Single Private Key

You can manage all of your tokens and NFTs on multiple chains with one private key.

Self-Sovereign Wallet

Your private key is generated on your device and cannot be accessed by ONTO. You retain complete control over your assets.

Explore Hundreds of dApps and discover your favorite!

Support dApp browser to log in directly to dApp link

Help us enrich the ecosystem

Native cross-chain bridge & multi-chain exchange

Multi-chain integrated swapping with low fees and high efficiency

Explore Hundreds of dApps

On-Chain Identity

Verify credentials to establish your decentralized identity on-chain

Self-Sovereign Data Management

Manage your data and identities, independently

Get started in seconds!

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